• Burger, fries on the side
  • Meat and mixed vegetables, bread and cheese on the side
  • Fried eggs, vegetables and bred on the side
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About us

We designed this restaurant knowing that many people have grown up hungry for, needing, and seeking community and continue this search today. We believe in relationships, diving into conversations, sharing ourselves, and being receptive to other’s unique gifts. We are proud of who we are, what we do, and our truth.

For these reasons, we built social tables and lounge areas, an inside and outside open bar, a public hand washing room, and a completely transparent kitchen. So that we are together- not separated. So we can see each other, know one another, and experience what it’s like to be connected.

Please trust us and enjoy the dish the way we designed it. We are passionate about the design and we want to offer it to you the way we envisioned. If you don’t absolutely love it, as sometimes happens, please tell us! We want you to love your experience. Otherwise, it’s on us.

We’re not trying to sell you on this idea. We are inviting you to play with it, taste it, really give it a go. Find out what value there is for you in being closer to people. Share generously. Every moment, we commit to being real, honest, generous with ourselves, and connected with you.
Welcome to the family!